7 Career Options After Pharma Degree (B.Pharma, M.Pharma & D.Pharma)


You finished your bachelor’s degree in Pharma and then the next obvious question is what next ?? Do you have to pursue your higher education or settle down with a good pharma job?

If you decide to look out for a pharma job then you got to decide what’s your area of interest or which job category you might enjoy working more with. There are plenty of specialization out there and whatever you decide to choose will be shaping the rest of your career. So it’s high time you make the right choice.

Here are the 7 career option after Pharma degree.


If you are a research person, who loves being in the books, creative, out of the box thinker, then you better give it a try in the R&D field. This job will keep you fascinated every day.

Every Reputed industry, not just pharma but also other industries like IT, automotive, Manufacturing etc have their own Research & development (R&D) it is basically the heart of any reputed companies.

what is R&D: Fundamentally Research & development departments take the project to solve the existing problems or coming up with something new. It requires a lot of creativity, passion & very good subject knowledge.

Companies take pride in Their Research  & Development, you can check sun pharma R&D department page to know their R&D achievements in Pharma field. Their innovations help them be in the news and create a landmark.

Education Qualification Required

  • To be Head Research & Development you need to have a  Ph.D. in Pharma specialization.

  • Research chemist will be an MSC

There are a lot of companies who hire MSC candidates of reputed institutions for R&D.

Pharma Research and Development jobs


There is not much difference between R&D and Formulation & development. Formulation studies involve developing a preparation of the drug which is both stable and acceptable to the patient. This involves, incorporating the drugs into tablet or capsule form. This also involves drugs design, computer modeling techniques considered as a very important factor in this field. The phrase “drug design” precisely means design of small molecule that will bind tightly to the required target

Education Qualification Required

  • For Head Formulation & Development, you need to have a Ph.D

  • Or you can start with MSC

Pharma Formulation and Development jobs


If you love your domain but don’t want to work for R&D, working in the production department should be on your wish list. This job will keep you on your toes as you will be working on a shift basis for the dedicated hours.

It is one of the biggest departments in any pharma industries. It basically involves all the production activities in pharma industries and there is a good amount of openings at any given time.

Education Qualification Required

  • B. Pharma

  • M. Pharma

  • Production head might require Ph.D. in some companies

There are many departments in pharma productions but most important of them are Quality control & Quality assurance.

Pharma Production jobs


This comes under production department. Fundamentally, the work involves evaluating the quality throughout the process, like Raw materials and API, Drug products, Packaging components, Reassay and retains. Responsibilities would include, efficacy, safety, quality, and compliance.

Education Qualification Required

  • M. Pharma

  • B. Pharma

Pharma Quality control jobs


Quality assurance is again a part of the Production department. The quality assurance team determines the Quality of the drug. The job responsibilities include documentation review, inspection of local/imported product samples, product testing, reporting, data analysis, and evaluation.

Education Qualification Required

  • M. Pharma

  • B. Pharma

Pharma Quality assurance jobs


Due to the increasing demand for online marketing & social media, The requirements of medical writing is increasing. The huge demand also comes with good money and a lot of freelance opportunities.

Medical writing includes writing of logical archives or documents of various sorts which incorporate administrative and research-related reports, sickness or medication-related instructive and special writing, writing content for medicinal services sites, wellbeing related magazines or news articles. The logical data in these records should be introduced to suit the level of comprehension of the intended interest group, to be specific, patients or overall population, doctors or the regulators.

Education Qualification Required

  • Any Pharma or Medical Degree with a  strong subject knowledge and good writing skills

Pharma Medical writer jobs


If not willing to be in the core domain of the subject but want to work for pharma industries SALES & MARKETING domain provides you with plenty of opportunities as there is an increasing demand for medicines with the population. If you enjoy sales and marketing then don’t forget to add this to your wish list. The pay scale for this job role is very good and if you can achieve your targets you know you have your perks. If you are dynamic, pro-active, confident (go-getter attitude) and like talking, negotiating, traveling and making money – this job is definitely for you.

Education Qualification Required

  • M. Pharma

  • B. Pharma

  • MBA

Pharma Sales jobs

Pharma Marketing jobs


The industry has plenty of job opportunities to offer you in the upcoming years. The Indian pharma industry is expected to grow over 15 percent per annum between 2015 and 2020, will outperform the global pharma industry according to ibef.  Get yourself to focus on your Pharma degree and choosing your area of interest to settle a career with. And most importantly, do your homework, work on your skill sets, make interview preparations and approach the right platform to find your job.

Therefore it’s time you ask yourself a question, where you want to see yourself in the next five years and make the right choice now when you have the chance.


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