Onlinepharmajobs.com is a dedicated job portal in the pursuit of providing a definite and secure platform for all the Pharmaceutical Professionals and Pharmaceutical Companies to be able to forge an alliance, at the portal. Thereby connecting candidates to the best-suited companies. We are based in Bengaluru situated centrally to enable easy access for setting up meetings and having a strong online presence to make that start.
The portal aims to pitch the right talent in the industry to the best-suited jobs. Making job search easy, with in a good time and with the best-suited options.The Pharmaceutical Industry can depend on the large pool of Candidates Olinepharmajobs.com has collated. We intend to extend our service nationally as well as globally, making job search within this industry accessible with more clarity than general head hunters. Our aim is to connect people and industries throughout the world solely dedicated, to the Pharmaceutical and biotechnology Industry, that Candidates and the Industry will find our portal their first choice. The specificity of Candidature and the listed Industries will make it that much easier to process the requirements.

We provide guidance and a harnessing platform for freshers and interns to connect to companies without having to face the difficulties at entry levels.

We are an established online platformof professionals,having processed innumerable applications and helped Candidates acquire jobs in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Allied Industries. We have people with over 2 decades of experience to their credit, in dealing with leading Pharmaceutical Companies. Our vision is to build a strong and speedy portfolio, to process and connectCandidates to the Industry to futuristic employment.
There are innumerable opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This Industry is a niche and ever-growing sector, which is constantly involved with drug discoveries, inventions, and innovative methods of manufacturing and distribution of its products. The global trend of medicine consumption and its demand are on the rise. The growth in the global Pharmaceutical market could be worth trillions by 2020 as per, PwC reports.

Research data say that the field of drug discovery, development and commercialization offers a wealth of job and career opportunities for talented young graduates with a sound background in life sciences or other related academic disciplines. Not just limited to drugs or to medicines for human or animal use, but also includes medical devices, diagnostics, radiopharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals and other related areas of activity and much more.

Match skills

Judiciously match the specifically skilled talents to the suited job

Dedicated platform

A dedicated platform to connect Pharma job seekers and employers

First Job

Help Interns and Fresher’s find an opportunity when just out of college

Background Check

Onlinepharmajobs.com does a thorough Candidate Profile Verification to ensure legitimate and right Candidature

Higher positions

Special initiatives taken while processing applications for senior professionals to the desirable higher positions

Save time

The database being specific to the Pharmaceutical Industry, will naturally cut down valuable time in sourcing the right Candidates, perhaps within hours and days.


Our consultants will extend their support to exceptional Candidates matching their elevated talents and relevant technical knowledge to the Industry

Huge database

We have a wide database of general and specific talent, increasing opportunities in sourcing and finding recruits as well as the suitable Industry. We specialize and understand the need of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Looking for better job oppurtunities ?

Looking for better skilled employees?

  1. We are a dynamic website updating constantly on current trends from the Industry and emerging trends.
  2. We feature professionals who are breaking into new realms and run stories on them.
  3. We constantly keep an eye on the trending and upcoming jobs in the Industry.
  4. We provide technical training and initiation programs.
  5. We offer information and updates on the forthcoming exhibitions, networking events and conferences.
  6. Our website will enable visibility of Candidates enabling the Industry to spot their recruit easily.
  1. We have created a dedicated portal for Pharmacy and Life Science Professionals.
  2. We are well connected with colleges and institutions to find fresh talents.
  3. Our Experience in the industry has created exceptional recruiters who have the knowledge and understanding of the Industry, making the process easier.
  4. All our experience in the industry has taught us to spot the talent of Candidates to suit specific positions in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
  5. We provide Candidates with an advantage, to access our technical guides and manuals, which are self-guiding literature to train themselves.
  6. Companies have an advantage of finding the right talents at a single point.
  7. Wedo the verification of Candidates to suit the company peerage.
Our Vision is to promote more research in the field of healthcare and create a database to encourage its goals. To make the world a healthy place of joy and good health.

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